Friday, August 12, 2016

Logos, design and art....scam

The design work that JW does needs to be paid in full and with a donate button on her blog. Please share your experiences with this scam.


  1. Long story short, I paid for a logo through the donate button after being prompted to do so after a Facebook PM conversation. I stupidly didn't get sent a contract, which should have been the 50th red flag. Long story short, no correspondence for a month until I pinged her about where I was in the queue. Two more months went by with no communication. Called her out and finally got the logo 4 months after I "donated" the money. I have no complaints about the quality of the logo, just the lack of communication and status until I was forced to politely call her out.

    I saw other people call her out in the same Facebook thread and she went on the defensive.

  2. She also runs sales all the time. My suggestion is to ask for an invoice through PayPal to specify turn around time and delivery date. If you end up getting an invoice, please post here because I will be shocked if it happens.