Monday, September 26, 2016

Jenna Woginrich Wool Scam 2016. We've been here before!

Copied from Cold Antler Farm blog September 26, 2016. I have several lambs already sold and being butchered in a few weeks. The meat is called for, but the fleeces (tanned hides with the wool on them) are available for $200 to anyone interested in buying one or several. They will be skinned after being slaughtered and the skins cooled, salted, and prepped to to be shipped to a tannery in Pennsylvania. It takes up to six months to get the fleeces back but when they arrive I will ship them to those who buy them. If you are interested please email me at

Friday, September 2, 2016

Why Are We Here?

The original reason for our existence I think was to warn the new followers and the "innocents" of the scammer that is Jenna.  People were stolen from and lied to.  As people told their stories others realized they were not alone.  In my own case...I would question things that she said.  I would say to myself...That doesn't make sense!.....I found great satisfaction that others were saying the same things.

Now, it is not the same.  She does not have a homesteading blog.  If anyone reads her books and comes to the blog to learn more about the farming they will see immediately how it is now.

I'm really not sure where her new people are coming from.

I have thought a great deal about why I am still interested.  I'm not really sure.  I think morbid curiosity has a lot to do with it.  Rubbernecking at a car accident.
There are many many "unhealthy " things that people do in the name of entertainment.  This may be one.  I prefer this over the Housewives of Wherever....but I think it's the same animal.
The joy of all of this is, though, it is what it is.  Nobody needs to justify why they are here...just be here if you want.....or don't...that's fine too.

I need to say one little thing about "fat shaming".  I look at it like in court.  If you make a statement about an issue that "opens the door".  It was...what...yesterday...that JW commented on her fat ass.  Unprovoked.....she said it.  And that was certainly not the first time.  Anything we know....she has told us.  We know her height, weight, clothing sizes, bathroom habits, showering habits, sleeping habits, etc, etc.
You can't have it both ways!  If you want it private....keep it private.  I don't recall any time she has had a conversation about her brother.....private.  See how that works?

But I digress...HA!
I think this is a great place to talk about the crazy.  She has her "people"...her "tribe".....well...we do too.  This is our tribe.
She wants to be a celebrity?  Maybe we are her trial.  Seems to me she can't handle it.